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1792 < 1793 > 1794

Le Cap in Flames during Galbaud's attack in 1793.
Title page of a 1794 publication of Sonthonax's proclamation abolishing slavery
Illustrated Republican Calendar (1793).
In 1793 Jean Kina's Corps enters British pay.

Governor-General Galbaud flees the Saint-Domingue civil war with 10,000 white refugees and 100 ships, bound for Baltimore.



  • Toussaint and troops begin fighting for Spain.


  • On April 11 the former Governor-General of Saint-Domingue Blanchelande is executed in Paris on the guillotine.


  • On May 6 General Galbaud arrives in Le Cap; he had been dispatched from France to take over the command in Saint-Domingue.



  • On September 9 after having received orders to occupy Saint-Domingue, the governor of Jamaica received orders to occupy Saint-Domingue and dispatches an expedition of 500 men under command of Colonel Whitelocke.


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