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1800 < 1801 > 1802

1801 letter by U.S. Consul Tobias Lear to James Madison.
In 1801 the affranchis Julien Raimond dies. Before his death, he had helped to draft the constitution of 1801.

In 1801 Napoléon Bonaparte dispatches troops, commanded by his brother in law Leclerc, to recapture Saint-Domingue from the forces of Toussaint Louverture. The majority of the French sail from Brest with Admiral Louis Thomas Villaret de Joyeuse.



  • On July 3 Toussaint Louverture signs the 1801 constitution of Saint-Domingue in Le Cap
  • One of the leading Generals of the early years of the Haitian Revolution, Georges Biassou, dies on July 14 in St. Augustine, Florida. He was in the service of the Spanish colony at the time.



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