Congress of Arcahaie

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The current Haitian Flag, based on a design created at the Congress of Arcahaie in 1803.
The Congress of Arcahaie took place from May 14 to 18, 1803 in the coastal town of Arcahaie.

The "agenda had two essential points: the establishment of a united command of the revolutionary army under the supreme authority of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, and the adoption of a flag by the indigenous army. The two principal leaders at this time, Dessalines and Pétion, jointly drew up this agenda. On May 14, 1803, military delegations flocked to Arcahaie; only a few of them were from the South. The principal heads of the insurgency did answer the call." (Fleurimond Kerns in Haiti: A Slave Revolution)

It was during the Congress of Arcahaie on May 18, 1803, that Catherine Flon sew the red and blue Haitian flag.

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