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Under Construction

The Help pages here at The Louverture Project will likely remain underdeveloped for some time. (Unless someone wants to take this on as a project... hint, hint.) Fortunately, though, TLP runs on MediaWiki software, and there is an extensive collection of help pages posted both at Wikipedia and at WikiMedia. See Help pages at Wikipedia for answers to most editing and usage questions. I'll highlight some of the important issues here, but you should use those pages as your reference for anything not covered here.

One thing I'd like to make sure we do at TLP is to cite sources. I'll be developing Help:Citing Sources Guidelines for this Wiki, but in the meantime, we'll follow the Cite Sources page at Wikipedia.

--Stumax 19:03, 12 Oct 2004 (PDT)


Orientation and Navigation

The Louverture Project is part encyclopedia, part narrative, part resource and part archive. There are at least three main ways for the visitor to interact with the site:

  1. Read the Narrative - The Revolution Will Be Forgotten is a history of the Haitian Revolution. Select a chapter from the Main Page of the wiki and start reading. Links within the narrative will take you to pages of more detail about various topics, whether here at The Louverture Project or elsewhere.
  2. Browse by Category - The list of categories is also available from the Main Page. Within each category are a growing list of articles about people, events, and concepts having to do with the Haitian Revolution.
  3. Search the Site - Enter a term in the Search box on the left-hand side of the page, then click "Go" or "Search." "Go" will take you directly to a page, if it exists on the site, while the "Search" button will return a list of all pages containing the search term.

For more, see [1] at MediaWiki.


For now, see WikiMedia's User's Guide and Editing Help page for instructions on formatting.