Isaac Louverture

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Isaac Louverture (1786 Bréda Plantation, Saint-Domingue - September 26, 1854 Bordeaux, France) was the son of Toussaint and Suzanne Louverture.

He and his half-brother Placide were sent to France in 1797 to be educated. "A large crowd gathered to see them off, for they were popular on the island." (Parkinson, p. 111) In February of 1802, Placide and his brother arrived back in Saint-Domingue with the troops of the French General Leclerc, after Napoléon Bonaparte had given orders to expel the siblings from France.

Isaac Louverture wrote a brief memoir of his father Toussaint, Mémoires d'Isaac, fils de Toussaint L'Ouverture, which appeared in 1825. (Adams and Beard p. 120 footnotes)

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  • Louverture, Isaac and Métral, Antoine. Histoire de l'expédition des Français à Saint-Domingue sous le consulat de Napoléon Bonaparte (1825). Paris: Fanjat Ainé. Available online (Google Books). (French text)