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'''Jean Jacques Dessalines''' fought with [[Toussaint Louverture] <i>"Koupe tet, boule kay"</i> - "Cut off the head, burn down the house." (Wilentz) Dessalines declared Saint-Domingue's independence on [[January 1]], [[1804]], and became the Black republic's first leader.  You can read an English translation of his [http://foundspirits.com/jjdessalines.htm Proclamation of Haiti's Independence here].
'''Jean Jacques Dessalines'''
"A handsome, 'red-skinned' Negro from Senegal, fearless in the field and unscrupulous off it." ([[This Gilded African|Parkinson]], p. 67)
On declaring independence, Dessalines is reported to have created the Haitian flag by tearing out the white out of the French tricolor.

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Jean Jacques Dessalines