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Chapter Nine: France Wakes Up and Smells No Coffee

The Revolution Will Be Forgotten

Chapter One: The Haitian Revolution in a Nutshell
Chapter Two: Haiti Is and Isn't Haiti
Chapter Three: Bois Caiman: The Revolution is Called to Order
Chapter Four: What the Heck Was Going On in France?
Chapter Five: Louverture Enters the Fray
Chapter Six: Sonthonax, Laveaux, et al
Chapter Seven: America: Edward Stevens and Adams' Constitution
Chapter Eight: The British are Conquered; Pax Louverture
Chapter Nine: France Wakes Up and Smells No Coffee
Chapter Ten: Betrayal Sparks the Final Push for Independence
Chapter Eleven: Repercussions: The Americas and the Caribbean
Chapter Twelve: Repercussions: Britain and France
Chapter Thirteen: Haiti's Ongoing Struggle
Chapter Fourteen: True Heroes of the Forgotten Revolution

Section One - Under Development
Section Two - Under Development
Section Three - Under Development

Chapter Summary: Chapter Nine finds France at the end of the War with Britain and the Quasi War with America and with a new player on the scene in the person of Napoléon Bonaparte. Under pressure from the maritime bourgeoisie and spurred by his own ambition, Napoleon sends his brother-in-law Leclerc with 24,000 troops to secure the island and remove Toussaint from power. The chapter will conclude with Leclerc's advance and Toussaint's retreat.

Development Notes