Saint-Jean Louverture

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Saint-Jean Louverture (1791 Bréda, Saint-Domingue - January 8, 1804 Agen, France) was the youngest child of Toussaint and Suzanne Louverture. Saint-Jean was deported in 1802 to France with his entire family, he was the second of two children the couple had together.

When Saint-Jean heard of his father's death (April 7, 1803), he declared that he should not long survive him. (Beard p. 290) He died the following year.

Madame Louverture, survived her husband and her youngest child Saint-Jean for several years, without being able to overcome the grief, which was so deep and constant as to undermine her faculties. She died in 1816, in the arms of her sons, Placide and Isaac. (Beard p. 290)

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