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==Welcome to the community==
The mission of The Louverture Project is to collect as much information as possible about the Haitian revolution, to construct a narrative which provides context for that information, and to disseminate the collected knowledge as widely as possible.  Your help is essential in achieving this mission, and this page is a good place to start if you're not sure where to dig in.
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==Discussion and Community==
We have a '''mailing list''' up and running for general discussion of TLP-related issues.  [http://lists.thelouvertureproject.org/listinfo.cgi/tlp-discuss-thelouvertureproject.org Click here to subscribe].  '''Talk (Discussion) pages''' are available for each article in the wiki to discuss issues related to those specific pages.  '''General discussion''' related to the wiki can take place at the Village Pump (I'd love a better term -- Stumax).  Finally, feel free to '''leave a note''' on the [[User_talk:Stumax|talk page for Stumax]] if you have suggestions or comments that don't seem appropriate anywhere else.
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==What needs to be done==
===Pages Wanted===
Many articles remain to be created. 
* [[Special:Wantedpages|Wanted Pages]] are undeveloped links left in existing articles.
* [[TLP:Requested Articles|Requested Articles]] are pages suggested by readers or editors.  Visit to write a needed article or leave your own suggestions.
* The [[:Category:Who%27s_Who|biographies]] need attention, in particular [[Jean_Pierre_Boyer]] & [[Alexandre Pétion]].
* See [[Help:Wanted]] for missing Help resources.
* Continue to flesh out the bibliography, especially the book descriptions.
* Separate wiki pages need to be created for each book listed on the wiki.
* Glossary words need to be identified and wiki pages created.
===Clean and Beautify===
* Almost all pages can be checked for wiki formatting and linking.  These are in particular need:
: [[Toussaint Louverture]]&nbsp;&ndash; [[The_Revolution_and_the_Louisiana_Purchase]]&nbsp;&ndash;
* The [[Special:Recentchanges]] page needs to be "prettied up."
* Also needed are [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Redirect redirection pages] for spelling variants.  (Toussaint L'Ouverture to Toussaint Louverture, for example.  Also, Macandal (Mackandal, Makandal).)
* [[Special:Lonelypages|Orphaned Pages]] are not referenced from any other pages, but they should be.
* [[Special:Deadendpages|Dead-End Pages]] have no links to any other pages, but they probably should.
* The [[Constitution of 1801 (English)|English translation of the Toussaint's Constitution]] needs some polishing.
===Build the Lists===
The goal is to have be the most thorough and complete resource for Haitian history-related information on the web.
* The [[List of Websites]] needs more links and better organization.
* The [[List of Books]] is a good start, but there are lots of titles that need to be added.
* The [[List of Authors]] needs to be created.
* The [[List of Scholars]] needs to be filled in with current experts in the field, and links to their home pages.
* [[Timeline_of_Events_in_Haitian_Revolutionary_History]] dates need to be checked and events added.
===Feedback and Organize===
Need to polish and refine how we categorize and organize articles on the site so that they can be found easily.
Also, please leave feedback via the [http://www.thelouvertureproject.org/mailman/listinfo/tlp-discuss mailing list] or the talk pages about anything that could make the wiki more useful or easier to use or navigate.  What is missing?  What's difficult?  What's frustrating?  Feel free to take a whack at fixing it yourself, or just let us know.
===Current Events===
The [[Current events]] page needs a better look.  Does anyone know if there's such a thing as a wiki calendar?  (Maybe see here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Calendar )
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==Help and resources==
===Editorial Resources===
* [[TLP:Starter Pages]] - Contains code you can copy when you want to insert a new page into the wiki.
* For editing help, see [http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Editing the WikiMedia help pages].
===The Blog===
* Visit http://www.thelouvertureproject.org for the latest blog entries, announcements about the project.
===Wish List===
* Translations and localization in Creole and French.
* Better organization.
* A collection of digitized books, letters, and other documents.
* All authors and books wikified and with individual pages.
* Gallery of public domain paintings, engravings, and other images.
* I'm still puzzling over how or whether to try to define and categorize the Who's Who list.  Dealing with race is going to be a dodgy issue, and will it, in the end, be useful?  What about separating by nationality or social class?  I can imagine that it would be useful to pull up, say a list of British generals who had something to do with the revolution, but I'm wondering if trying to maintain a meaningful taxonomy will be more trouble than it's worth.  This might be a good issue for the mailing list.
* I added three "Who am I?" boxes to the top of the [[Main Page]] today.  The idea is to begin to highlight human stories which will encourage those not well-versed in Haitian history to stick around and explore. I'd love some day to have a function which would automatically rotate these for each page visit. --[[User:Stumax|Stumax]] 15:28, 9 Nov 2004 (PST)

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