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Below is a list of the most recent deletions. All times shown are server time (UTC).

  • 23:13, 30 Dec 2004 Stumax deleted "Vendemiare" (misspelled (sp?) name of month)
  • 20:33, 26 Oct 2004 Stumax deleted "Haiti & the USA" (Moved websites to a List page, rather than attempting to create an individual page for each.)
  • 22:10, 7 Aug 2004 Stumax deleted "Category:White" (content was: 'It is perilous to try to assign race, but race is imperative to understanding Haitian history, especially during the revolutionary period. The follow...')
  • 06:50, 1 Aug 2004 Stumax deleted "Image:Toussaint.jpg" (Test)