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What is a Wiki? A wiki is an open, collaborative website whose content is built and maintained in large measure by its visitors. A complete definition is available at the [1]. The practical upshot, though, is that you -- the casual visitor -- are allowed and encouraged to correct, revise, and add to the content you see here.

Uh-huh. That sounds pretty dodgy to me. We understand your concerns, and they are not without foundation, yet the wiki concept has been designed in a variety of clever ways to deal with malicious conduct. For example, every version of ever page is saved forever, so changed content can always be referenced against its history. For more to common objections, click the link in this sentence.

How do I use this site? The Wiki is meant to be read just like any other online resource. In fact, you can think of it kind of like a magic book, full of links to more information on topics discussed within the site.

  • Blue hyperlinks will take you to other pages in this site.
  • Red hyperlinks are placeholders; clicking on those links will take you to pages that have yet to be developed. If you see a red link on a topic you know something about, click it and start editing!
  • Blue hyperlinks with

How do I contribute? Read Help:Editing for instructions on how to edit an existing page or beginning a new one. Then, visit the TLP:Sandbox to try out your Wiki editing skills in a safe environment.

What needs to be done? See the Community Portal page for a list of current tasks.

Do I need to be a historian to contribute? We certainly need historians to help develop the site content, but there's lots for everyone to do, including editing for grammar and spelling, Help:Wikifying text, and providing feedback on what's working, what's unclear, and where we can improve the writing or site accessibility.