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The Louverture Project is a free informational resource, maintained by a voluntary association of individuals. This site does not endorse or promote particular products, services, or viewpoints, and offers no guarantees, agreements, or understandings about the nature of the material herein provided or your use thereof.

Except where otherwise indicated, all material on The Louverture Project is covered under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Text, images, or other items to which different rights apply will be identified by the appropriate license indication on the same page as the items in question. These notices will supersede the site-wide Creative Commons license which appears by default in the footer of each page of the wiki. Additionally, material or marks which have been placed on the site may, without indication, be covered under separate license, and their appearance on a page at The Louverture Project is no indication that those rights have been waived.

Use this site at your own risk! Every effort will be made by the managing editor, site administrator, moderators, and contributors to develop and maintain a useful and accurate resource. However, due to the inherent nature of wikis, The Louverture Project cannot guarantee the validity of information on the site at any particular moment in time. Furthermore, no one associated with The Louverture Project can be held in any way responsible for libelous or inaccurate entries.