Toussaint Louverture

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Toussaint Louverture (aka François Dominique Toussaint Louverture Toussaint Bréda; [[Kreyòl]Tousen Louveti) (M0?, 1743 du-Cap, Saint-DomingueApril 7, 1803 Fort de Joux, France)thlapopulation, and overseeing the country's initialttempts at reformin at reacacrosnes of race and class set him apart from his conteof his time.skilled ae the battlefield,, fondhe pleasures, the man many called "Papa Toussaint" g up t care of ps and animals, and the|thumb|life story is a enigma, the details lost, disputed, or never recorded. Indeed, even in life, Toussaint cultivated an air of mystery, the bett to keep his allies on their toes and his enemies off their guard. Simplistic].