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The Battle of Vertières, a defining campaign in the Haitian revolution, took place on November 18, 1803. In this clash, south of Le Cap Haitians led by Jean Jacques Dessalines and Alexandre Pétion defeated the French troops under Rochambeau.

This last large battle of the Haitian Revolution (Haitian war of independence) was fought between Haitian rebels and French expeditionary forces on November 18, 1803 at Vertières.

Haitians led by Jean-Jacques Dessalines attacked a strong French-held fort of Vertières, near Cape François (to the north of Haiti) and won a decisive victory over French colonial army under General Comte de Rochambeau and forced him to capitulate the same night. The Haitian Ninth Brigade under François Capois played a crucial role in the victory.

November 18 has been widely celebrated since then as a Day of Army and Victory in Haiti.