Vincent-Marie Viénot de Vaublanc

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Vincent-Marie Viénot, comte de Vaublanc (1756 Fort Dauphin (today Fort-Liberté), Haiti - 1845 Paris, France) was one of the French politicians who voted for Loi du 4 avril 1792, (Law of April 4, 1792 act) which gave citizenship for all free black people. Vaublacc was a right-wing representative for the Seine-et-Marne departement in the French Assemblée Législative. Vaublanc was on the side of the royalists. From November 15, 1791 to November 18, 1791 Vincent-Marie Viénot de Vaublanc served as the president of the Assemblée Législative and from September 26, 1815 to May 7, 1816, he served as the French Interior Minister. He functioned as the President of the Corps législatif from April 21, 1803 to May 7, 1803.

He strongly favored the motion for the enfranchisement of the slaves in the French colonies in America


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