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Map illustrating land acquired through the 1803 Louisiana Purchase Treaty between France and the U.S. (shaded red).
Map of the United States prior to the Louisiana Purchase.
1803 marks the year the Haitian troops finally prevail, and repel attempts by Napoléon Bonaparte to re-establish slavery in Saint-Domingue.

In 1802 the French General Antoine Richepanse had re-instituted slavery in the Caribbean colony of Guadeloupe.These events were followed with terror in Saint-Domingue. 1803 is the year of death of Toussaint Louverture, the leader of the Haitian Revolution.

In 1803 the French war to hold on to slavery turned to genocide. Genaral Rochambeau's arrival at Jacmel was signalized by a horrible crime: by his orders, about 100 natives, who were only suspected of having little zeal for France, were thrown into the hold of a man-of-war 1, the hatchways of which were tightly closed; the men were then suffocated by the fumes of the ignited sulphur, their corpses being afterward thrown into the sea." (Léger p. 130)



Fort de Joux
Death certificate of Toussaint Louverture.
United States coin commemorating the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase.
  • April 30 The Louisiana Purchase Treaty is signed. This treaty, giving up much of France's colonies in the Western Hemisphere, is directly related to the Haitian Revolution, as France put a tremendous amount of resources into fighting the troops of Jean-Jacques Dessalines in Saint-Domingue and therefore had to cut back in other regions.


The current Haitian Flag, based on a design created at the Congress of Arcahaie in 1803.


June 1803 letter by Dessalines to Thomas Jefferson.





Note 1: A man-of-war refers to an armed naval vessel.


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