Marie-François Auguste de Caffarelli du Falga

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Caffarelli du Falga.
General Marie-François Auguste de Caffarelli du Falga (aka General Caffarelli) (October 7, 1766 Haute-Garonne, France - January 23, 1849 Falga, France) was made an aide-de-camp to Napoléon Bonaparte in 1800. He was sent to interrogate Toussaint Louverture in his French prison cell at Fort de Joux and met with Toussaint several times, the first time on September 15, 1802.

One of his duties was to find out about treasures, that French authorities believed Toussaint had hidden in Saint-Domingue. Toussaint, in his memoir disputes that he ever took any treasures and indeed it seems as if Napoléon and his aide were absolutely wrong to assume that Toussaint had ever diverted any money.

John Relly Beard writes that "It has been suggested that torture [of Toussaint Louverture] was employed by Bonaparte's aid, Caffarelli" although he states that he can find no evidence to support this claim. (Beard p. 342)

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