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Portrait of François Capois..
Image of François Capois on a Haitian banknote.
The Battle of Vertières.
François Capois "La Mort" (Capois "the Death" also: Capois-La-Mort; also Cappoix or Capoix) (ca. 1766 Port-de-Paix, Saint-Domingue - October 19, 1806 Limonade, Haiti) led the Haitian Ninth Brigade sucessfully into the battle of Vertières on November 18, 1803 to defeat the troops of Napoléon Bonaparte. Capois and his forces caused the French to abandon their stronghold.

François Capois is one of the signers of the Haitian Act of Independence (1804).

The Battle against the French in Port-de-Paix

On April 12, 1803, Capois and his troops storm Port-de-Paix and soon after also gain La Tortue. (Léger p. 140)

Capois And The Battle Of Vertières

"At 4 a.m. on Nov. 18, 1803, part of the forces began an attack on Breda, one of the outlying forts. Rochambeau surprised, left Cap and took a position with his honor guard on the entrenchments at the fort of Vertieres, between Breda and Cap. To take the objective specifically assigned to him, François Capois and his troops had to cross a bridge that was dominated by the fort at Vertières.

Capois, on horseback, and his men met a hail of fire as they advanced. Despite a bullet passing through his cap, Capois urged his men forward. Even a bullet which leveled his horse and another which again passed through his cap did not stop Capois from flourishing his saber and leading his men onward with his continuing cry of Forward! Observing this, Rochambeau's guards applauded.

Rochambeau caused the firing to be stopped and sent a hussar forward with compliments for Capois! Then the battle recommenced." (Burton Sellers)

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