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General Marie Joseph Gabriel Théodore, comte de Hédouville (July 27, 1755 Laon, France - March 30, 1825 Brétigny, France) was sent by the French Directory to be governor of Saint-Domingue during Sonthonax's second commission. (c. 1796 - 1797). He fanned the flames of discontent between André Rigaud and Toussaint Louverture.

"...General Hédouville, sent after the departure of Sonthonax as the representative of France, treated [Toussaint Louverture] with less consideration than was deserved by the man to whom that country [France] owed the restoration of its colony." (Beard p. 88)

Thomas Hédouville fled Saint-Domingue on Oct. 22, 1798.

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