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Lists of Haiti and Saint-Domingue-related websites. These websites have been compiled for the benefit of the community and are not associated with with The Louverture Project, except where indicated.

Visual Arts

Audio and Video

Visual Arts



Culture: Dance, Food, Music and More

Food and Drinks

Haitian Food
Haitian Rum

Music and Dance

Dance & Haitian Drumming

General Resources

.* Haiti Support Group – Very accessible web site with news for travelers, event updates, and a brief summary of famous Haitians.

  • InterMedia - Big, good looking site, lots of Haiti links. Especially check out the Haiti Global Village, a bilingual online community of Haitians
  • Journal of Haitian Studies - Part of the Center for Black Studies, this is the "official publication of the Haitian Studies Association," a refereed scholarly journal.
  • - Excellent site by artist Hertz Nazaire. Includes a Creole dictionary online. Check out the new book - Revolution 1804-2004.
  • Kreyol Belle – articles and pictures from living in Haiti, including a translation of an 1871 tour of the country, introductions to St Mark, Ti Riviere et Kenscoff.
  • Latin American Network Information Center's Haiti Page - a portal page with many good links.
  • Multicultural Florida - Long list of links suffers from lack of organization.
  • Soul in a Bottle – Madison Smartt Bell's "work in progress about contemporary Haiti."
  • Windows on Haiti – Huge resource of links to news, views, arts, and culture.

Haitian Creole

Haitian Government

History, General

Haiti and the U.S.A.

History, Revolutionary

International Community and Haiti

  • COHA - Council on Hemispheric Affairs. Periodically publishes articles on Haiti
  • MICIVIH - OAS/UN International Mission in Haiti
  • OAS's Situation In Haiti - Documents, speeches, and press releases from the Organization of American States
  • Embassy - Haiti - See the link at the bottom of the page on International Policy towards Haiti.



Missions, Foundations and Human Rights Organizations


  • Haitian American Ministries - works with organizations and individuals in various cities within the United States and the Caribbean, particularly in Haiti.


Human Rights Organizations

Online Books

Online Groups and Mailing Lists


Note that The Louverture Project does not endorse any of these sites or their views. The links are provided solely as a reference.

Periodicals, Magazines, Newspapers and Broadcast Media


  • Boston Haitian Reporter - a monthly English language newspaper "with an editorial emphasis on the Haitian-American experience in Greater Boston and the United States."
  • Haïti Progrès - weekly newspaper offering coverage of Haiti from a left perspective. Mostly French and Haitian Creole pages, some English content.
  • Haïti en Marche - Florida based French language Haitian newspaper with a left of center perspective.
  • Haitian Times - weekly full-color conservative newspaper (New York based) offering English coverage of Haiti and Haitian Americans.
  • Miami Herald Haiti News Page - Aggregated page of Haiti news, including on-the-scene reports from Michael A.W. Ottey and a special report on the Bicentennial.

Radio Stations and Programs

  • Haiti Show - Streaming live over the airwaves and the internet from non-commercial Pacifica Radio station KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, Texas.
  • Lakou New York - Haitian left of center Radio station broadcasting in Haitian Creole from Brooklyn, NY.
  • Radio Soleil d'Haïti - 24 hour Haitian radio station with a left of center perspective, broadcasting from Brooklyn, NY.

Internet based News about Haiti


Travel and Tours

  • Haiti Travel Guide - from Wikitravel.
  • Haiti Travels provides an impressive range of services to the first-time traveler. They also have ambitious plans for a historical park.
  • Traveling Haiti – Plan a trip to Haiti and pick up a little Haitian Kreyol.
  • Travel 2 Haiti - Gives basic information on Haitian towns and tourist destinations.