Louis Michel Pierrot

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The monument of the Battle of Vertières.
Louis Michel Pierrot [also: Jean-Louis Pierrot] (1761-1857) led a black battalion at Vertieres in 1803 and later became president of Haiti. Louis Pierrot was a career officer and general in the Haitian Army. He became president of Haiti on April 16, 1845. During the first Haitian Kingdom, Henry I promoted Pierrot to the rank of Lieutenant General in the Army and granted him the hereditary title of Prince. As President of Haïti he was intended to be a figurehead for the mulatto ruling class. A failure in that role, he was overthrown in a coup d'etat on March 24, 1846, after attempting reforms in the government.

Pierrot was married to the mambo and Haitian revolutionary leader Cécile Fatiman. He is known to have had a daughter, Marie Louise Amélia Célestine (Princess Pierrot) who in 1845 married Lieutenant-General Pierre Nord-Alexis, a provincial governor under Emperor Faustin I, and later Haitian Minister for War between 1867-1869.