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Michael Deibert (born 1973, Lancaster, Pennsylvania) is a U.S. born journalist and author that has been criticized for what is perceived as his right wing stance in regards to his reporting on Haitian politics as well as factual errors, for example in his book on Haitian politics. Michael Deibert was a Reuters correspondent based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for a number of years. He has also extensively written about other countries around the globe. Haiti is one of the main focal points for the writer Deibert (Michael Deibert near Ouarzazate, at 0:34 min.)

Michael Deibert's Haiti journalism

Michael Deibert has beencriticized in media articles such as Kofi Annan's Haiti by Justin Podur, How to Turn a Priest Into a Cannibal: Michael Deibert and U.S. Reporting on the Coup in Haiti by Diana Barahona and Haitian Activist Speaks out Against Deibert's anti-Haiti Propaganda by Patrick Elie. These articles among others, document the frequent criticism Deibert's journalism has received, especially where it pertains to his reporting on Haiti.

Michael Deibert's vociferous critics include Haitian, Canadian and U.S. activists for example the former Haitian government official in several administrations, political activist and writer: Patrick Elie [1], as well other journalists from Haiti and abroad such as the journalist and academic Justin Podur: [see: A Dishonest Case for a Coup.: part of a dialogue with the writer Michael Deibert].

Deibert's journalism has included allegations of child sacrifice: ["The charges culminate with Deibert’s uncritical reiteration of a gang leader’s claim, from his Florida exile, that a baby missing from a Port-au-Prince hospital had been kidnapped by So Anne and murdered in a vodou ritual to strengthen Aristide." (Podur p. 159) by a well known Haitian activist, Annette Auguste a.k.a. Sò Anne. These charges, in spite of their serious nature and implications, were never documented have been regarded by some critics as part of an anti-Haitian propaganda.

Responses to criticism of Michael Deibert


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Book by Michael Deibert

  • Deibert, Michael (2005). Notes from the Last Testament: The Struggle for Haiti, New York: Seven Stories Press. ISBN 10 1-58322-697-4