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Portrait of Alexandré Petion
Pétionville (Kreyòl: Petyonvil ) (18°31'N 72°17'W) is a suburb in the hills of the Massif de la Selle, about 6 km (2.6 miles) east of the current Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. It was named after Alexandre Sabès Pétion (1770 - 1818). Today Pétionville is the home of many of Haiti's rich ruling class as the climate, uphill from Port-au-Prince, is much more pleasant compared to the capital, which is largely at sea level. Pétionville has also very fast growing slums on its outskirts.

Pétionville was founded on September 22, 1831 by the Haitian president Jean-Pierre Boyer.


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