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Chapter Seven: America: Edward Stevens and Adams' Constitution

The Revolution Will Be Forgotten

Chapter One: The Haitian Revolution in a Nutshell
Chapter Two: Haiti Is and Isn't Haiti
Chapter Three: Bois Caiman: The Revolution is Called to Order
Chapter Four: What the Heck Was Going On in France?
Chapter Five: Louverture Enters the Fray
Chapter Six: Sonthonax, Laveaux, et al
Chapter Seven: America: Edward Stevens and Adams' Constitution
Chapter Eight: The British are Conquered; Pax Louverture
Chapter Nine: France Wakes Up and Smells No Coffee
Chapter Ten: Betrayal Sparks the Final Push for Independence
Chapter Eleven: Repercussions: The Americas and the Caribbean
Chapter Twelve: Repercussions: Britain and France
Chapter Thirteen: Haiti's Ongoing Struggle
Chapter Fourteen: True Heroes of the Forgotten Revolution

Section One - Under Development
Section Two - Under Development
Section Three - Under Development

Chapter Summary: Chapter Seven will bring the American perspective to bear on the conflict in Saint-Domingue. We will look at America's mercantile interest in the colony and trace the varying policies of Presidents Washington, Adams, and Jefferson towards the rebels. We will also wrestle with the implications of the Quasi War and the role played by Dr. Edward Stevens, Consul General of the US to Saint-Domingue.

Development Notes