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TLP Internal Templates


Templates for References (Articles)

Peter Hallward Haitian Inspiration; {{Peter Hallward Haitian Inspiration}}; Template:Peter Hallward Haitian Inspiration
Franklin W Knight The Haitian Revolution; {{Franklin W Knight The Haitian Revolution}}; Template:Franklin W Knight The Haitian Revolution
Carlos Wesley The US Debt To Haiti; {{Carlos Wesley The US Debt To Haiti}}; Template:Carlos Wesley The US Debt To Haiti

Templates for References (Books)

Avengers of the New World; {{Avengers of the New World}} references Laurent Dubois; Template:Avengers of the New World
Black Democracy; {{Black Democracy}} references H.P. Davis; Template:Black Democracy
The Black Jacobins; {{The Black Jacobins}} references C.L.R. James; Template:The Black Jacobins
This Gilded African; {{This Gilded African}} references Parkinson; Template:This Gilded African
The Great Acquisition; {{The Great Acquisition}} references Peter J. Kastor; Template:The Great Acquisition
Haiti A Slave Revolution; {{Haiti A Slave Revolution}} references Chin et al; Template:Haiti A Slave Revolution
Haiti and The United States; {{Haiti and The United States}} references Plummer; Template:Haiti and The United States
Haiti History and the Gods; {{Haiti History and the Gods}} references Dayan; Template:Haiti History and the Gods
Haiti In Focus; {{Haiti In Focus}} references Arthur; Template:Haiti In Focus
Haitian Revolutionary Studies; {{Haitian Revolutionary Studies}} references Geggus; Template:Haitian Revolutionary Studies
The Making of Haiti; {{The Making of Haiti}} references Fick; Template:The Making of Haiti
Orders From France; {{Orders From France}} references Kennedy; Template:Orders From France
Retrospections Of An Active Life; {{Retrospections Of An Active Life}} references Bigelow; Template:Retrospections Of An Active Life
Written In Blood; {{Written In Blood}} references Heinl; Template:Written In Blood

Templates for References (Interviews)

Douglas A Egerton Interview Africans In America; {{Douglas A Egerton Interview Africans In America}}; Template:Douglas A Egerton Interview Africans In America

Templates for The Revolution Will Be Forgotten

{{RWBF:TOC}} = Table of Contents; Template:RWBF:TOC