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uh no the flag of the dominican republic is based on the older puertorican flag of lares

nice try tho

Relation of Dominican Flag to Haitian Flag

Rolled back deletion of content since no sources are cited.

El Bohío Dominicano - Dominican Flag: History and Evolution has this information about the creation of the Dominican Flag:

Old Dominican Flag
By the mid 1800's Dominicans, dissatisfied with the conditions under the Haitian government, begin their own struggle for freedom. The first version of the Dominican flag was born when Juan pablo Duarte modified the Haitian flag by superimposing a white cross over it. This design consists of two blue upper quadrants and two red lower quadrants with a white cross in the middle dividing them all. The first flag was fashioned by Ms. Concepcion Bona and Ms. Maria Trinidad Sanchez, among others. It flew for the first time on the day of Dominican independence, February 27, 1844.

Is there any material to support the notion that the flag of the D.R. is based on that of Lares? On the contrary several sources report on the relation of the Dominican and Haitian flags. doe- 16:37, 22 July 2007 (PDT)