Pierre Pinchinat

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Pierre Pinchinat - one of the leaders of the free coloreds, a metropolitan lawyer educated in France; light-skinned, with but one negro grandparent. (Geggus, 2002, p. 106) Pinchinat was one of André Rigaud's most trusted agents. (Heinl, et al, p. 69)

"The political leader of the mulatto movement... a very different type from his colleagues, an unprincipled but brilliant man who combined the aspirations of power with sexual licence. His vicious personal life in no way prevented him from being a near genius, it simply created animosities and lack of faith among those who would otherwise have admired him wholeheartedly for his quick grasp and control of the situation and for his adept diplomacy." (Parkinson, p. 58) Pinchinat conspired with Jean Baptiste Villatte and André Rigaud to seize and imprison Comte de Laveaux. (Parkinson, p. 100)


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