The Black Jacobins

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Cover page of the Vintage edition of The Black Jacobins

The first edition of Trinidadian writer C.L.R. James (Cyril Lionel Robert James) book, published in 1938, was considered for many years the definitive history of the Haitian Revolution. Though James infuses the book with Marxist overtones which can come off a bit heavy-handed, the book is well researched and still recognized as a worthwhile starting point for students of the period.

While the book can be a challenge for readers not familiar with the history of Saint-Domingue, due to the wealth of information and persons covered, it is nonetheless a great introduction to this crucial part of Haiti's history.

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  • The Revolution and the Negro - C.L.R. James article published in the New International, Volume V, December 1939, pp. 339-343. under the name J.R Johnson.

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Book Information
Title The Black Jacobins:
Toussaint L'Ouvertrue and the San Domingo Revolution
Author C.L.R. James
ISBN ISBN 0-679-72467-2
Publisher Vintage Books
Date 1989
Place New York
Copyright 1963
Pages 426