Cécile Fatiman

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Cécile Fatiman (Kreyòl: Sesil Fatima) was a mambo and leader of the vodou ceremonies at Bois Caïman on August 14, 1791. She was led by the vodou spirit Ezili Danto. This event sparked the early stages of the Haitian Revolution and still resonates strongly among Haitians to this day.

Fatiman a mulatto, was married to Louis Michel Pierrot, one of the leaders of the victorious Battle of Vertières, under the command of Jean-Jacques Dessalines.

Fatiman died in Le Cap at the age of 112.

Other participants at the Bois Caïman meeting were Dutty Boukman, Georges Biassou, Jeannot Bullet and Jean François Papillon.

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