Limbe Museum

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Limbe Museum

This museum is the legacy of Dr. William Hodges, a Baptist missionary doctor who spent nearly 40 years working to improve the level of health care in Haiti. He was affiliated with the Good Samaritan Hospital (L'Hôpital le Bon Samaritan) in the northern town of Limbé.

From 1958, Dr. Hodges spent much of his leisure time searching Haiti for cultural and historical artifacts through which to illustrate the history of the little republic. As one way of involving others in the search, he conducted archaeological digs primarily within range of Limbé. He gained support for his avocation from various resources, including the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.

In 1983, this small museum was built to house his patiently-acquired collection plus contributions from other sources. The small structure also became known as the Guahaba Museum (Musée de Guahaba), Guahaba being the Indian name for Limbé.

After Dr. Hodges died in 1995, his widow Joanna continues to oversee the museum.

The museum is located in North Haiti, just south of Cap Haitien.