Neo-Classicism and the Haitian Revolution

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Celius, Carlo, Laval University, Quebec. "Neo-Classicism and the Haitian Revolution." The Haitian Revolution: Viewed 200 Years After, an International Scholarly Conference. John Carter Brown Library, Providence, RI. June 20, 2004.


Following are rough notes of Celius' presentation, taken by Stuart Maxwell on June 20, 2004.

Pierre Saint-Amand read Carlo Celius' paper:

  • July 14, 1793 - Sonthonax celebrates Bastille Day by freeing some slaves. They came home with a "cap of liberty" [- frisson cap?]
  • The adoption of the name Hayti was symbolic of the victory of the oppressed (because "Ayti" was the Taino name for the island).
  • Free people of color were fighting for equality; slaves were fighting for freedom.